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Mattieu Ethan, Inc.® is a New York based fashion company founded in 2012 by Milton Saul.

Designer Sportswear, Women Dresses, Men Dress Shirts, I AM ME® Logo Shop, and Chic Accessories.

Mattieu Ethan clothing line started with a social awareness cause, the name is based on the story of the founder, Milton Saul's son who was born premature. In its logo the footprint icon signifies his existence, our existence, and the footprint of life. The ME initials allow people to represent themselves and their own individuality, passions, and life story. Mattieu Ethan "I AM ME®" clothing, the purpose to being you and feeling you while creating social awareness in your own community.

Mattieu Ethan’s principal business activity involves design, manufacturing, licensing and marketing of high-end/casual, Designer sportswear, urban fashion and accessories under the Mattieu Ethan's registered trademarks. Under the direction of Milton Saul Founder/President/& CEO, the " I AM ME ®"brand was developed to signify individuality, self-awareness and innovation. The I AM ME brand is the cornerstone of the company. Mattieu Ethan products are designed to appeal to core fashion enthusiasts, fashion trendy, sophisticated shopper, and even mainstream consumers seeking fashion that represents their individuality, and independence.


Mattieu Ethan supports many causes; Autism, Lupus, Cancer, SIDS, Premature Births, Sarcoidosis, Child Abuse, World Hunger, Stop Bullying, Racism and Domestic Violence to name a few. By engaging in events Mattieu Ethan Clothing goal of social awareness is to use celebrity and  charity events to raise money to help fund medical research to find cures for some of the worst diseases in the World .

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